Each issue of our monthly INSIGHT newsletter includes an extensive overview of the economy...exhaustive investigations of key economic indicators and how they affect your investment portfolio...detailed examinations of emerging business and financial trends that could spell opportunity or danger to you and your investments...our investment themes...a wrap-up of recent economic data...and Gary Shilling’s back-page Commentary on matters great and small.

In recent INSIGHTs, we've looked at...

...why weak global economic growth is going to continue.

...why U.S. consumers are saving, not spending.

...why the future of crude oil prices is down.

...what's driving voters' "mad as hell" sentiments.

...where the U.S. economy is heading in the coming quarters.

...the rally in Treasury bonds and why it's likely to continue.  Bloomberg's Tom Keene recently called Gary's recommendation to buy Treasurys "the single-best call of the past 20 years."

...the threat of deflation in the U.S. and Europe--and its implications.

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