A. Gary Shilling & Co., Inc. serves as an economic consultant to a number of leading institutional investors and corporations.

 Our typical client has a personal, in-depth relationship with Dr. Shilling at the portfolio manager or senior corporate management level and a deep interest in major economic and financial themes that affect its portfolios or business in the long and short runs. While the implications of our themes for major sectors of the U.S. and foreign economies concern corporate clients and the effects on financial markets engage institutional investors, all of our clients appreciate our broad, nonconsensus approach that aims to see the forest and not get lost among the trees.

 Consulting clients normally are in continual conversation with Dr. Shilling and our staff, and often receive two-to-four visits in their offices from him each year. Our services are provided on an annual retainer basis, with the fees determined by the amount of our involvement with the client. We also do special projects when requested by clients, and handle these on an hourly billing-rate basis.

 Our goal is not to have clients accept our analyses and forecasts hook, line and sinker. Rather, it is to offer them well thought out, consistent and nonconsensus views that will challenge their thinking, keep them from being blindsided by unfolding events, and prepare them to react more quickly if our forecasts do start to materialize.

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